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Multilingual package


Increase visits and sales with the most popular and feature-rich multilingual solution.

Service Description

By default, WordPress does not have multilingual features. However, we can add them using the WPML plugin that is The most popular and reliable solution available in WordPress for professionally managing languages, their translations, and more SEO. This service not only translates pages, but also creates copies of pages in those languages, allowing you to freely edit content in different languages and, most importantly, language pages will be indexed by google, not the same as real-time translations of a site that don’t have a separate page.

This service includes:

  • We will configure the WPML plugin to control up to 5 languages;
  • We will put a language switch in the header of the site;
  • You can choose to target languages to one or to separate and (If you don’t know what’s better for you, send us an inquiry).
  • We translate up to 100,000 words using automatic translation (DeepL or other);
  • We’ll show you how to edit or add translations to your pages or products;

In addition, you will be able to hire a professional translator for translation corrections – contact us and we will discuss all possibilities.

Delivery time: 4-6 working days.


  • The WPML plugin itself, with the translation feature, costs a hundred dollars, but with this purchase of our service, the plugin is FREE!
  • Delivery times may vary by 20-40% due to load in our production department or other circumstances.


Due to changes in the terms of the WPML program from October 2021. there will be no annual fee for purchases with us!

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