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El. Email Marketing Integration and Launch


Start your own business email. Email campaign with the help of our professionals!

Service Description

Email is currently used by the vast majority of Internet users, so email. Email marketing is considered to be one of the most effective business tools to automate communication with customers : it allows you to send new products, post discounts, and so on. According to research, about 50% of businesses believe that email marketing. Mail is the most effective means of advertising, and only about a quarter of businesses believe that paid advertising is effective. However, it is important that the information you send is not considered spam, as this could undermine trust in your products or activities.
Start your own business email. Email marketing is assisted by our professionals. Whether it’s a newsletter, a welcome letter, or a sales campaign, we’ll give you the best email. Email Marketing Solution
Subscribe to this service to get started with email. email marketing on your website, start collecting emails. email addresses or import already collected ones, send reminders about your business.

This service includes:
• Creating a account.
• Application integration into the website.
• Creating an audience.
• Creation of special form fields on the website and adaptation of their design.
• Integration with the program to collect e-mail. mail addresses to a single database.
• If you have a legally compiled contact list, we will import it into a common audience.
• If you have e-mail The store will add a subscription option when purchasing items.
• Creation of the first letter “Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter”.
• Up to 2000 contacts (possibility to increase).

• Recipients are given the option to opt out of sending emails.
• After the completion of the work, we will present the next possible strategic steps.

The service is provided in one of the following languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian, Norwegian.

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