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We will move or copy the site to another domain


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Service Description

WordPress migration from the ground up

Business Media is an independent company that focuses on creating websites that are fun to visit.

We handle the migration of your site to any server.

Our services

  • We will move or copy the site to another domain (Domain or hosting is not included in this service)
  • We use WPRESS, our open source archive format, to archive your data.
  • Manage the import process with extra large backups.
  • We back up your website each time you export it for later use. Backups are sorted by date, and you can restore the backup by selecting it from the list and pressing the restore button.


  • There are no restrictions on the host computer or operating system
  • We can bypass any upload size restrictions
  • Provides support for MySQL and MySQLi
  • Compatible with WordPress v3.3 and later
  • WP-CLI can be integrated for unlimited extensions

Business Media has an impressive technical team that handles the migration or cloning tasks of your website 100% professionally. With us, make moving your sites safe and error-free today.

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