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License Key Sales Integration (PRO)


Service Description

Program License Key Sales Integration is a WordPress software license management system for licensing any type of product. It helps manage product updates, automatically generates a license key, has a licensing verification system installed, full license control, and the licensing system can be incorporated into WordPress plugins or themes without any prior programming knowledge.

Our team of professionals has experience integrating Elite Licenser into your business strategy.

Key features
Automatic license generation upon product purchase.
One license manager plugin for any type of product.
Provide automatic product updates for your customer.
Control the use of your licenses. (No. on site, No. of times)
Track your license usage. (number of sites, number of times)
Has a full set of APIs, you can use any application.
Third-party integration enabled (Envato, WooCommerce, FastSpring, Paddle)
Generate sample code for all WordPress plugins and themes
Create PHP, C # .net, and more. sample codes for online applications.
WordPress Themes and Plugin Licensing Drag n Drop (Zero Encoding)
Create a custom license type and support support and expiration
Automatic hosting ban
Remove the license from the user application at any time
Export license keys and client list as CSV

Who should use this license manager?

Elite Licenser is one of the best WordPress license manager plugins you can experience. It is this license manager that allows you to control software, plugins, themes, applications, and more. use and activation. one of the highest quality features is to protect the unofficial use of software and products. With this tool, the company will start earning more revenue from its software products, and revenue will increase by up to 70%. In addition, this license is highly recommended for companies that sell themes, plugins, applications, etc. to generate more revenue and profit.

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