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Internetinių svetainių kūrimas wordpress woocommerce parduotuvių kūrimas
Internetinių svetainių kūrimas wordpress woocommerce parduotuvių kūrimas

Start selling online

Launching an online store or e-commerce platform is the easiest step a company can take and will ensure a high return on investment. Whether your goals are local or global, an online store is the most convenient way to reach your customers and showcase your products in the best light. The bread of our e-commerce software development company is the development of online retail solutions. QArea’s comprehensive strategy ensures that your digital store promotes sales and turns visitors into buyers.

Our designers will choose the most suitable layout for your goods. Our engineers will help you choose the best platform (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, nopCommerce). Lastly, our quality assurance staff will ensure that your business runs smoothly. Expanding your online business is as easy as filling out a contact form!

Ideal e. commerce solutions

01 Designing an e-commerce website

Show your goods in the best light. Our UI and UX team will apply industry best practices to turn casual visitors into regular shoppers and loyal customers of your online store.

02Easy shop management

What’s the point of having an online shop if you can’t easily restock? We make sure that running a digital shop is easy and doesn’t distract you from running your business.

03 Get your website up and running quickly

If getting started quickly is important to you, you’ve come to the right e-commerce software development company. We have a lot of experience in developing ecommerce systems and can get you up and running fast!

04 E-commerce testing and quality assurance

We will test your e. to ensure the smooth running of the website across different physical devices. And we test at every level of development to ensure excellent quality, saving you time and money.

05 Mobile eCommerce development

Serve your users wherever they are, on whatever device they use. Our eCommerce software development and testing team will make sure your online shop looks great on every mobile device or browser.

06Full-cycle development

We can help you throughout the entire development process, from the first wireframes to the final load tests, to ensure that your e. the store will be able to handle millions of simultaneous requests.

07Optimising eCommerce

Is it not enough to set up and run an e-commerce website? Our experts can help you optimise your SEO, install chatbots and integrate your store with the latest and most effective third-party services.

08 Integrating e-commerce modules

With years of experience, we’ve compiled the most popular features into modules, so we can install them quickly and at a much lower cost.

09ERP/CRM integration

Integrate your eCommerce website with any ERP/CRM system your company needs. It can help you automate stock changes, manage customer information and run a successful online business.

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