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Elektroninių parduotuvių kūrimas

A successful e-commerce website requires the right combination of design, functionality and marketing strategies. The key elements of website development are a user-friendly interface and navigation, a visually appealing design, a secure payment gateway and effective search engine optimisation. In addition, the inclusion of customer testimonials and recommendations, as well as detailed product descriptions and high quality photographs, can help increase the trust and credibility of potential customers. By implementing these essential elements, you will be able to effectively promote your products and drive conversions, leading to a successful and profitable eCommerce business.

Prices and deadlines for setting up an online shop on

Individualaus dizaino ir funkcionalumo elektroninių parduotuvių kainos


Ieškantiems paprasto bet individualaus sprendimo
  • Kosultacija ir turinio valdymo sistemos įdiegimas
  • 1-3 puslapių parduotuvė
  • Paprastas individualus dizainas
  • Pagrindinės funkcijos
  • Jūsų tekstų ir nuotraukų įkėlimas


Vidutinės elektroninėms parduotuvėms
2499€ Sutaupome naudodami AI programas: 200€
  • Viskas kas paprastoje
  • 3-6 puslapių parduotuvė
  • Naujienų skiltis, video, foto galerija, žemėlapis
  • Automatiniai svetainės vertimai
  • Smulkios integracijos


Didesniems projektams su papildomu funkcionalumu
4999€ Sutaupome naudodami AI programas: 400€
  • Viskas kas vidutinėje
  • 5-10 puslapių parduotuvė
  • Papildomos integracijos, programavimas
  • Išplėstinis vidinis SEO optimizavimas
  • Interaktyvūs elementai


Susisiekite aptarti kainą jūsų specialiam projektui
  • Jeigu kas nors nepaminėta
  • Nemokama konsultacija telefonu arba el. paštu
  • Svetainių priežiūra ir analitika
  • Kompleksiniai dizaino ir programavimo sprendimai
  • Marketingo galimybių integracijos



Stasys Mackela
IĮ Šaltukas
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We are very satisfied with the web development work. Communication is of the highest quality, always responding specifically, quickly and comprehensively to concerns. Provides all the necessary information about the work carried out and the functions of the website.
Tom Nakas
UAB Agrichem Innovation
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Good work, guys. I also liked their design, when others know how to do the job but don't have the vision to do it beautifully, they do both sides and you don't have to lift a finger to do it... I recommend it.
Vykintas Stakėnas
MB Nieko
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It works well. The cooperation was as expected.
Mykolas Rainys
Myra Production
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I needed a new website for my business and was lucky enough to come across this web development company. Their website is not only visually stunning, but also easy to navigate and has helped me attract more customers to my business. I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of web development services.
Tomas Tautkevičius
UAB Hibridas
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The work was completed on time and we are satisfied with the service provided. We recommend

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