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Integration of connecting to a website with social networks

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Service Description

Social sign-in is an easy way to sign in, using existing information from a social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google, to sign in to your site, rather than creating a new sign-in account specifically for that site. It aims to make it easier for end users to connect and at the same time provide more and more reliable demographic data.

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  • The WordPress sign-in form displays social sign-in buttons so users can sign in with their favorite social accounts.
  • Existing users can connect and disconnect their social networking accounts from their WordPress profile page, which they use to sign in to your site.
  • WooCommerce During the billing process, your customers can quickly sign up for a new sign-up or sign in to an existing account.

Social networks we can connect to (optional):

  • Login to the site using a Facebook account;
  • Sign in to your site with your Google Account (gmail);
  • Login to the site using a Linkedin account;

For an additional fee we can also connect:

  • Connect with Twitter;
  • Login with TikTok;
  • Connecting with Apple;
  • Login with Paypal;
  • Connecting with Discord;
  • Connect with Amazon;

And others.

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