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The 10 Most Important Elements In Successful Websites

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Every website we’ve worked with has a different design, a different way to convey a message in both text and image. All sites are unique, but successful sites generally follow certain rules, which we call the “successful site formula”.

Briefly, the topics of this article:

Every website we’ve worked with has a different design, a different way to convey a message in both text and image. All sites are unique, but successful sites generally follow certain rules, which I call the “successful site formula”.

That’s why we present the TOP 10 key elements that are created for successful websites that attract, retain and, more importantly, turn visitors into customers.

1. Website design – nice, with easy to understand information

Yes, design is number 1! We live in a visual world, so a good looking website is very important. We have so many colors, shades, text fonts and layout options for photos and other images. All of this is growing rapidly as technology advances, making it increasingly important to collect responsibly . It is important that the visitor’s eyes do not get tired, but at the same time do not get bored.

There are thousands of websites on the Internet, and there are countless ads elsewhere. One click is enough to get a potential customer to leave your site, so users need to get interested right away.

Take advantage of the empty space. Take advantage of the latest design trends. Do not fill the entire site with text and images. The congested site looks messy and confusing. On such a page, the user has to do a lot more work as he will have to download all the information to find what he needs.

Don’t be afraid of empty space on your site. Just like a home site, most people love modernism and minimalism and enjoy a clean, spacious living room. The same goes for the site – it will attract the visitor and he will want to stay on it.

Graphics and photos are very important . The same goes for other types of pictures. Sometimes it is enough to have a good camera to take high quality photos. In most cases, photo editing and imaging software and the ability to use it are essential to have high-quality images. It is also very important, especially if you have fewer of your own photos, to have access to photos taken by other photographers in the world. It is important to keep in mind that publishing requires permission. It is recommended to hire a designer to choose a tasty option. An experienced designer will know which images and text will fit perfectly, fit them and attract people, not distance.

2. Smooth operation of the website

I would also like to mention this point as one of the first. A smooth customer experience on your site is very important – not only to keep the customer interested, but also to gain the trust of your services.

This has become very important to the Google system as well. It decides whether it’s worth showing your page in the world’s largest searchable database, where most customers are looking for services.

Earlier this year (May 28), Google announced that it would add an important addition to its search algorithm ranking signals.

An update called ” Page Experience Update ” will take effect on Google from 2021 onwards. – and will have a significant impact on the search results of all sites. The smooth running of the site is very important to Google. About 99% of important updates are unannounced. This update was announced quite early, clearly stating what will be updated and even making it clear what will be updated.

Let’s take a look at the Google update:

“While the page experience is important, Google still strives to rank the pages with the best information, even if the page experience isn’t good enough. A great page experience isn’t forgotten when you have great page content. the experience of the page may be more important for search visibility. “


When visitors come to your site, they usually start from the home page. This is the greatest opportunity to tell them what you want them to know about you – make the most of it!

The key to answering these questions is interesting – who are you? What do you do and how do you do it? What benefits, value do you offer?

It only takes a second for the customer to browse your homepage for important information and decide to leave without seeing what they were looking for. This means you have very little time to grab their attention, tell them who you are and why they should take a closer look at your company.

When someone visits your homepage, you have the opportunity to connect. People are used to finding information very quickly or going out and finding it elsewhere, and now there are almost 2 billion online. sites, so it is very important to answer these three questions immediately.

Clearly conveyed information is when text and empty space are used properly. If your homepage is clean and uncluttered, important information about your business will stand out and your message will be clear.


A potential customer has found your site, liked it so much that they would like to stay there, and your homepage message clearly shows that you are a good customer. Now make it easy for the customer to contact you. That’s important! Research has shown that if contact information is not readily available, 44% of site visitors leave it, and 64% of all interested visitors want to see your contact information as soon as you are interested in their services.

Nowadays, customers have many options to contact the service providers, so it is best to offer several options so that the visitor can choose what works best for him.

Type: Display your phone number clearly and frequently. email address and contact form!

So if someone has reviewed your site and decided to contact you, don’t force them to visit the homepage again to learn how to do it! You can easily lose them on the long journey to the contacts section.

In most cases, contact information should be provided on each page. A good way to do this is to use headers and footers. Clean and clear headers and footers will definitely not clutter your site and are a great way to keep important information always available.

5. Interesting page “ABOUT US”

Take a pen and write it down: your About Us page is very important. Like contact information, 52% of visitors want to see information about you – who you are – at least once on the home page.

It should convey your story in an interesting way, so you should think carefully when creating text and selecting photos for this page. It should be personal, compelling and truly modern – no one wants to see a blurry picture of your holiday taken ten years ago on a push-button phone.

Whether you are a one-man company or have dozens of employees, don’t think that no one wants to know about you before choosing you as a reliable supplier – because they want to.

According to website visitor analysis, the About Us page is usually one of the most visited pages on a successful website!

We will write more about how to write the right text on this page that conveys the most important information, but the obvious ones.

Also, if you have an existing “About Us” page that engages potential customers and presents your authentic story, visit it frequently and update it as needed.

If you find it difficult to write about yourself, which is a very common problem, ask a friend or colleague to do it for you. You may be surprised at what interesting they can say. Use the feedback to edit and add to the description so that it is sincere and reflects your character.

6. A loud and clear call to action! (CALL TO ACTION – CTA)

If a potential customer found you and viewed your site, what would you like them to do next? It may seem obvious to you, but don’t think it’s obvious to the person looking at your home page.

Want to increase sales? Then use a clear call to action! Provide links and information on sales and promotions that customers should take advantage of now, encourage them to call, sign up, or fill out a contact form. Even if they change their mind, you will have their contact details to offer a discount or more information.

Your site visitors have a huge amount of information and advertising in front of them, so why not make the next step as clear and simple as possible for them? Prompts for action are often reviewed in less than 4 seconds.

A successful website uses interesting and clear calls to action, making it easy to turn visitors into customers quickly.

7. EXERCISE the power of SEO (search engine optimization)

Design and content are essential elements of a successful website, but if no one really sees it, all the beauty is lost and remains dusty.

93% of web sessions start in search engines , so if you want your site to be visible to search engines like Google, Bing, and others, your site needs to be customized and optimized for search engines.

SEO isn’t as easy to spot as a polished home page or a great logo, but it’s certainly no less important.

So what do you do to get this magical search engine? The best way to increase SEO is to make sure your content and images match your site’s keywords, metadata, and H1 and H2 tags.

You should choose the right keywords for each page, as your site may contain informative text, but you are likely to mention phrases that are less frequently found in the search than synonyms for the same words, and you will lose a lot of potential visitors.

Every page on your site should have a keyword that is the main message of the page (e.g. drone wedding photography, e-scooter rental, house cleaning, etc.) and the content should support that message. This can be a very deceptive and frustrating experience, so we recommend hiring an SEO specialist who will not only customize your texts, but also optimize all the images and markup on your site.

If your website is created using WordPress, it is really easy to organize it, because this system has special programs that not only tell you how to optimize the page, but also provide recommendations on how to increase the value of SEO.


Just like SEO, this is an “invisible” step, but it is essential if you want your website to be found.

Too often, customers come to us with an existing, “live” website that has never been submitted to any search engine for indexing. They wonder why they don’t get visitors.

This is one last step, but it is necessary because if you do not say hello and tell the search engines that you already exist, it will be much harder for them to find you.

9. Website security and visitor trust

What do you do first when you visit a new website? If you’re like most people online, you’ll probably do a quick check to make sure the page is trustworthy and it’s not a scam, because if so, why waste time reading it?

I will divide this point into two parts:

1. Security check through the visitor’s eyes. Make sure the content is neat and free of grammatical errors, the design should be consistent, and each page should provide the important information and links we wrote about in the previous sections.

2. SSL certificate. Nowadays, Internet users are usually automatically protected from malicious websites by their web browsers, so it’s important to make sure your site is encrypted and decrypted so that the visitor knows that all the information they see and receive is secure.
These certificates inform the client that the representative of the website visited at the time of issuing the certificate has proved ownership to the certification body.

Sites without this certificate are immediately recognized by the web browser and show the visitor information:

Second, secure sites with an SSL certificate appear as follows:

Also, the website address starts with the secure tag https: //

All of this reassures customers and makes them feel safe on your site so they can trust your services.

This is also very important for positioning in search engines like Google.

10. Create your own device-friendly website (RESPONSIVE DESIGN)

Over the last decade, mobile phones have improved and become more widespread, as have many tablets, and some of us now use them even more often than computers when browsing the Internet. The screens on all devices are very different and show different amounts of text, photo sizes, and themes.

To reach more customers and qualify for a good SEO ranking, make sure your site is perfectly compatible with tablets, mobile phones, desktops and laptops, or even a big screen TV. Your site should be responsive to automatically adapt to the visitor’s device.

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