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Ways of using websites in Ukraine, or how the Internet helps the people of Ukraine

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Watching the damage caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine hurts my heart. But it also inspires us to watch the strength and perseverance shown by many people. We must do everything in our power to save as many lives as possible. #StandWithUkraine.

We monitor, analyze and praise how the internet is currently being used to help people during this crisis, and remind us why we need to nurture and maintain a safe, empowering internet for all.

Ways to use the website to help the people of Ukraine:

To endeavor to contact the Russians directly.

Under restrictions on traditional social media platforms, anti-war activists have turned to review sites like Google and TripAdvisor to share war news and photos with people in Russia.

The sites are also customizable for any user with a Russian IP address to display a pop-up window with information about the conflict in Ukraine.

Sending money to individuals in Ukraine;

Websites providing information on transportation and accommodation services for security seekers;

Mobilize global solidarity;

Platforms such as SupportUkraineNow and Razom for Ukraine have helped guide people around the world in ways they can provide meaningful help:

Participants in the crowdfunding have raised millions of dollars for a variety of purposes, from disaster relief to supporting independent journalism:

To support Internet access in Ukraine and Russia. Various community communities are working to identify and address vulnerabilities in Ukraine’s digital infrastructure, increasing the level of protection to help the government conduct a cyber war.

Specialists in all fields can contribute to helping people in the event of war.

The Russian government’s attack on Ukraine is killing and endangering the lives of millions of innocent people. We support Ukraine and the courage of its people to defend freedom and democracy. If you want to support Ukraine and its people, consider donating to the Red Cross.




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