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Loss of server data due to the fault of the Hosting Company

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We have always encouraged our customers to choose hosting – website hosting services only from reliable suppliers, large-scale companies. There is no shortage of reliable suppliers in Lithuania, we can share good experience in working with UAB Hostinger or UAB Interneto vizija. However, in Lithuania we have a lot of companies providing hosting services, offering cheaper plans, more beautiful-looking advertisements or seemingly faster server offers.

If you choose a cheap but unreliable hosting provider, it is not worth enjoying, all your data, websites, customer information, ordering information or other important business information may be lost instantly without the possibility of recovery.

This is what happened to one of our customers.

This is also the case for one of our clients, for whom we redesigned a new website a year ago. The site has been well indexed by Google, showing up on many of the most important keywords even in the first places, the site provides an infinite amount of information as well as email. a mailbox with countless customer contacts and other important information accumulated over many years of work. This customer chose their hosting provider about 10 years ago before meeting us, so they didn’t want to change the server. Everything went well until the hosting company lost the entire server enclosure that contained not only all of this client’s information, but much more. There is no longer a chance to recover the information, so you will have to re-create everything from scratch. Due to the fault of the hosting provider, which states in its contracts that it is fully responsible for the customer data, the damage to the customers has been huge. There is no way to contact the service company via email. by mail rather than by telephone. The launch of the data was also not announced, but the customer did not initially notice that his site was no longer operational, which severely affected Google’s indexing. Also, the domain (address) of the website is also registered with the same company, so it was not possible to redirect it to another server to create the first page and provide contacts, at least temporarily.

We, in this case, as the site was created a year ago, do not keep backups of the site for more than 6 months after the work has been completed due to personal data protection law, unless otherwise agreed. This is not a problem because if the server is in trusted hands like Hostinger, they back up the data automatically every week or at least once a month (depending on the plan) so you are automatically insured against data loss.

Thus, all victims of server loss, data loss, we invite you to contact us by e-mail. email for damages for the joint action. We will provide legal assistance, as well as the assistance of IT specialists for the recovery of lost data.

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