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Ministry of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania 19 August 2021 published a call for proposals for support for the implementation of information technologies for business transaction management electronically to increase revenue growth.

Potential applicants:

Micro, small and medium – sized enterprises (SMEs) meeting the specified specific project selection criteria.

Total amount of support:

EUR 40 000 000 (forty million euros).

Amount of support for the company:

From 10,000 to 50,000 euros.

Deadline for applications:

2021-09-20 24:00

Funded activities:

Implementing e-commerce models in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises by reorienting and digitizing processes through:
(1) customer self-service solutions for e-commerce platforms for products and services, including production and service order management solutions; and / or
2) resource management system integration solutions for e-commerce platforms for products and services.

The main criteria you must meet to receive this support are:


How can we help you?

1. Our partners will help you assess your real potential and reliably prepare and submit your application.

2. Our team will professionally provide services for the implementation of your e-Commerce project:

If you have already submitted an application, have a preliminary description of the services you wish to receive and would like to receive a commercial offer to provide services under this support, please contact us by email. email [email protected]

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Svetainių kūrimas Kaunas wordpress svetainės

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