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Using AI to improve your website

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A company's website is the first digital impression. Without the right tools, your website can give the wrong first impression and cost your organisation a lot of business. This is where artificial intelligence can come in handy. The latest artificial intelligence technologies can enhance and improve your company's website to improve customer experience and increase conversions. Here are 11 sophisticated ways to use AI to improve your business website.

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Artificial intelligence, or AI, is increasingly popular in the marketing sector. For what reason? AI technology can automate tasks, simplify complex procedures and organise complex datasets in the same way a human marketing expert would, only faster and more correctly.

In the early days of artificial intelligence, automation seemed to threaten human work. But we believe that AI only enables people to do a better and more thoughtful job.

How to use artificial intelligence to improve your website

A company’s website is the first digital impression. Without the right tools, your website can give the wrong first impression and cost your organisation a lot of business.

This is where artificial intelligence can come in handy. The latest artificial intelligence technologies can enhance and improve your company’s website to improve customer experience and increase conversions. Here are 11 sophisticated ways to use AI to improve your business website.

Website development

Designing and developing a website is a complex task, especially for people with little experience. Fortunately, several popular website platforms are increasingly making use of artificial intelligence to simplify website development. With these technologically advanced platforms, you can provide a few key data points and have a fully optimised website.

While most large corporations choose to build their own websites, this can be a lifeline for small or start-up companies.

Search engine marketing

If your website does not appear for relevant search queries, you will find it difficult to attract new visitors and business. SEO used to be something of a mystery. But thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, powerful SEO tools can now instantly identify website problems and provide comments that will help improve search rankings.

Real-time personalisation

Personalised marketing is a must these days. Your customers not only want but also demand personalised content. The only problem is that collecting information about visitors and then providing them with perfectly planned and targeted content takes time and money. On the other hand, artificial intelligence simplifies the process and increases its scale.

Instead of targeting groups of audiences, AI now allows you to target a single person. Think how much more effective your website would be if you could provide customised offers, text, discounts, etc. just click on the link. Artificial intelligence makes this possible.

Content creation

Content marketing is the method of choice for many marketers, and for good reason: it generates around three times as many leads as external marketing tactics and costs 62% more. less. Thanks to artificial intelligence, marketers now have more information about how people consume and engage with their content.

AI can not only identify relevant content trends, but also gather the necessary resources to create additional content. Consider strategies for topic analysis, trend analysis, user-generated content, influencer marketing and more.

Online customer service

For example, chatbots and automated user flows are AI-based solutions that have revolutionised customer service. These systems can evaluate and respond to a user’s request based on linguistic and behavioural indicators.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, less human work is needed to deliver exceptional customer service. This does not go unnoticed. In fact, by 2020. Eight out of ten organisations have implemented or plan to implement AI as a customer service solution.

Content curation

AI can also help in other ways in the content creation process, such as content curation. The latest technology analyses a website visitor’s activity and uses machine learning to curate a library of information that meets the individual’s goals and requirements. It can be used to recommend useful articles and interesting products, so your audience will be engaged for longer than if they searched for material themselves.

Customer forecasting

Did you realise that it costs five times more to acquire new customers than to retain existing customers (source)? This figure paints a clear picture: customer churn costs your company money and damages your brand. What if we said that we had a platform that could measure customer interactions to predict and prevent customer churn?

Fortunately, artificial intelligence has made this technology a reality. AI can help you build a risk model made up of signals that indicate how likely it is that a customer will abandon their relationship with your organisation, using predictive analytics and machine learning. The system can then either send you a warning or automatically provide a solution to prevent that user from leaving.


Artificial intelligence makes it easy to create a website that is accessible to people who are deaf, hard of hearing or visually impaired. Consider adapting an AI-based app to transcribe videos, provide closed captions or provide an audio reading of your content.

Data collection / visitor generation

The main purpose of a B2B business website is to generate leads and collect contact information. But if you’ve ever worked in marketing, you know how hard it can be to persuade people to complete an offer. Prospects will lose interest if your form is too long. You will miss important qualification data points if your form is too short. What is the solution? Intelligent automation.

Artificial intelligence can examine your current user base to uncover key patterns and similarities. This data can then be used to improve your website as a whole, or simply to improve your leading search pages. You can optimise language, website traffic, graphics and other factors.

But AI can also be used to evaluate huge amounts of data to find and suggest potential customers based on how people interact with your website.

Text/language analysis

67%. Buyer journeys are now made online (source). This means that what people say about your company online really matters. Fortunately, artificial intelligence can quickly evaluate large blocks of text and identify emotions. This is useful for two reasons. Firstly, it can help predict how visitors will react to your website. Is your text too aggressive? Too cheeky? Artificial intelligence can help.

AI can also detect and alert you to emotions in social media posts or customer feedback. You can then react to negative feedback and use the positive feedback for content creation or branding.

User experience and design

Improving design and user experience is one of the most useful uses of AI. AI collects behavioural data in real time to provide actionable feedback that marketers can use to improve the website user experience. These adjustments can even be made on the fly using more sophisticated technology.

Think how much more successful your A/B tests or UX experiments would be if you could run them in real time, depending on the behaviour of a single user. Quickly change the layout of your website, reduce the number of form fields or even change the banner image on the fly.

What’s best? Artificial intelligence takes the guesswork out. AI methods and technologies base all decisions on real-world data analysis. AI not only makes your marketing more effective, it also makes it more planned and meaningful.

Key things you need to know about artificial intelligence

The more knowledge you have about your customers and potential customers, the more effective a marketer you will be. Artificial intelligence allows us to collect and analyse data that humans cannot. Don’t worry about being replaced by a robot. It’s just that artificial intelligence allows marketers to do more of what they love to do: advertise!

Marketing efforts will never again be pointless – instead, artificial intelligence will allow you to turn every message, campaign or advertisement into a highly targeted and intelligent marketing move.

Business Media can help you gather additional information about your potential clients and customers. Use our platform to evaluate business data, create buyer profiles and reach more potential customers. Contact us immediately.

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