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Service Description

You say cheap, fast and high quality is not there?

The Business Media team is there to deny this fact! No, this is not a free solution for 200 euros a year, as it is now popular in Lithuania. It’s really cheap! Better quality and faster!

What do you get by subscribing to this service?

  • 1-3 page website with our modern design;
  • You will receive an individual website address of your choice;
  • You will receive a personal special email. email address such as:;
  • We will upload your logo;
  • We will upload your photo gallery (up to 200 photos);
  • We will upload your description;
  • We will upload a list of your services;
  • We will provide contacts and other details;
  • We will integrate the inquiry form with customer contacts and project data;
  • Customer feedback is available;
  • If necessary, we may provide links to your social networks or other pages on the Website;
  • The website will have three languages (LT, ENG, RU translated with google translator);

199Eur initial fee and 30Eur per year – no more extra fees for maintaining the site!

* A fee of 30eur is for maintaining the domain and hosting for a website of this size, if you have your own domain and hosting, there is no extra charge.

You can order this service online by adding the product to the cart.

Delivery time 1-2 working days!

Frequently asked questions about this service:

Yes, you can freely and very easily change or add texts and photos to the website created for you. It does not even require any computer knowledge, as we have prepared clear instructions in both text and video formats.

Yes, the site will be available at any time, the initial fee of € 80 will not be refunded, but you will no longer have to pay the annual fee of € 30.

Business Media also reserves the right to terminate the Services upon expiration of your payment term.

Yes, because the site will be built with the most popular content management system and not with limited templates, it will have the potential for unlimited development in the future. Once you have an additional idea just contact us and we will offer you the best features, a plan for creating new pages. You will never need to redesign a site to add or subtract anything.

You will be able to advertise the site wherever you want, submit details on the website, social networks or elsewhere, send it to clients as a link to the portfolio of works. In addition, we can offer you many advertising services such as Google Ads, Facebook ads, video creation services, flyer distribution and many more. For additional advertising services, we recommend that you first consider your preferred budget and contact us for an individual offer.

The website will be created with our individual platform – Verlas Media, but it is designed and automatically updated according to the world’s most popular content management system, which is used by more than 40% of the largest websites. We also integrate additional applications worth several hundred euros into the platform, so you can be sure that your website will be created only with the most professional tools.

If you come across websites, you know that the website address itself and the web hosting server cost about 40eur a year, and the programs or themes to create a website add at least another 50eur to the price. Not even counting the working hours you would take trying to mold yourself.

We can offer such a low price because we have redeemed our large hosting server to host websites, redeemed agency, large software packages, built our own skeleton, customized our platform, and don’t take much time to build a small, simple website.

Reason: An initiative to help private, self-employed and micro-enterprises to profit from them.

So you will need to send us the first photos, descriptions, list of services and your contacts by e-mail. by mail.

For photos, we can provide links to a variety of photo galleries.

You can order the service right away, as you will only need the content in the second half of the development work, we will be able to start the service faster after ordering the service.

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