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Cool, vibrant and functional WordPress sites.

We believe that creating heart-friendly websites and user-friendly interfaces is a daunting task. We enjoy the sophistication of creating SEO-smart and powerful WordPress web development services that transcend technical and creative boundaries.

Custom WordPress Website Design

Our many years of experience as a WordPress development company are backed by some of our in-house WordPress professionals.

Theme design and customization

We help clients provide PSD to WordPress theme conversion services and create custom themes without forgetting the importance of mobile devices.

Creating WooCommerce Stores

We help businesses build growth-oriented WooCommerce stores or move an existing store to WooCommerce.

WordPress Plugin Development Services

As a WordPress plugin development company, we use the best coding techniques to integrate the plugin into your sites, so you can incorporate many features and functions.

Creating and growing a blog

Our WordPress professionals work with clients to create truly scalable and engaging WordPress blog themes at the best market prices and in the shortest time possible.

Customization and API integration

You can use API integration services to extend the capabilities of your WordPress website. We ensure smooth data transfer and provide integration of mobile apps with your website.

Increase your company’s digital visibility – choose Business Media as your WordPress development company.

We provide professional WordPress design and development services, focusing on the subtleties of each website project and providing highly optimized SEO WordPress solutions within the agreed time.

Our WordPress developers use clean and simple coding techniques to create secure and resizable websites. Dedicated project managers help you seamlessly deliver WordPress development services. You can choose a project strategy or manage projects on your own by hiring resources based on our dedicated resource model.

Why should you choose us?

All the websites we create are extremely fast and perfectly optimized. Throughout the WordPress development process, we ensure that all best practices are followed, which increases overall user engagement and conversion.

Smart SEO Website Solutions

Our core SEO, optimized for search engines, consists of headers, meta tags, image optimization, alt text, etc., followed by strategies to make the job run more smoothly. This is how marketing starts without any extra work.

High quality, clean and functional – Website development with WordPress

We use complex systems. Our coding processes are properly documented and carried out according to established rules. You expect this from a reputable WordPress website development company. When we provide WordPress web development services, we adhere to the best industry standards and eliminate any hard-coded loopholes or unethical customizations. This ensures that our sites are easy to manage and maintain. For its convenience, WordPress uses 43 percent. the Internet. Also, as an experienced WordPress website development company, creating websites with simple, interactive and user-friendly interfaces.

Secure and easy to update

Our sites are resistant to cyber attacks and can be easily updated. To keep your site safe and secure, we use proper file permissions, spam prevention, form validation, configuration settings, and more. t.

Website Development with WordPress: What to Believe and What to Expect?

If you’re going to build your own website and think you don’t need outsourced WordPress development services, be warned that a crazy ride awaits you. To understand what lies ahead, here are some expectations and realities associated with using WordPress. Also how to solve these problems.

Myth: WordPress is easy to use.

The learning curve for WordPress is heavier than most people think. WordPress is simple if you only need a main site that has little change (and probably looks like hundreds of other sites). However, you cannot create an individual website to suit your needs. To put it mildly, not easily.

Solution: Hire a custom WordPress developer. When you hire someone to provide custom WordPress development services, the entire burden is shouldered on your shoulders. You can delegate a task to a developer (for which he is trained and also experienced). This will give you not only a professionally designed custom WordPress site, but also long-term help if you run into difficulties later.

Myth: As expected, WordPress is resizable, expandable indefinitely.

WordPress is truly scalable , infinitely expandable. We do not deny this. You can create and maintain many websites or expand your website as your business expands. However, this does not mean that it is achieved with just one click. It will take a lot of knowledge and experience to expand a website, integrate new features, implement new ideas. You can change a small detail on one page, and it can have a big impact on another page. You won’t even notice it until it’s too late. And by the time you tackle the problem, your customers may already be switching to UX due to the poor performance of your site.

Solution: Seek professional help. Don’t expect to know everything as a WordPress novice. But you can find someone who knows this. All you need to do is find someone you can trust who will provide custom WordPress development services. You can use many plugins, third-party integrations, and grow your site with professional providers without wasting your hours and hours working.

Myth: WordPress is completely free.

WordPress is actually free. However, creating a fully functional, functional WordPress site is not easy and is not free. You can use website developers such as Divi, WPBakery, and Elementor to make WordPress easier to build. Do they have professional, paid versions? Really so.

There are over 54,000 free WordPress plugins. Are their best plans and best use free? No.

There are a hundred more things that are not free, such as the need to have a proper WordPress hosting server.

In terms of this, it is worth mentioning that WordPress (framework) is completely free. This means that no one has to answer your queries. There is a lot of community help as well as online manuals and textbooks. However, again, do you have time to browse the internet when your site is down?

Solution: Once you pay a lot of hidden fees to make your website work, it seems natural to invest a little more and get professional help with your WordPress website. By choosing the Business Media website development service with WordPress, you will not waste money on unnecessary WordPress plugins, programs or even layouts, as the agency already has professional basic tools for website development. We will make the best use of them and help you recover costs as quickly as possible.

Myth: Website security is not my concern.

If you believe that, you are naive. Your site provides third-party applications and plug-ins. They issue updates on a regular basis. You can avoid them, say, one day. And in those 24 hours, you’re giving your site to hackers and hackers. WordPress itself also releases updates. Either you relinquish all responsibilities, manage your WordPress site full time, or risk your site.

Solution: Delegate tasks that require the attention of full-time employees to full-time employees. If you need 24-hour site management, hire someone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Custom WordPress development services are more than just building your website. These include features such as ongoing support, update and security management, and more.

Myth: SEO will not be a problem for me.

Reality: SEO is not that simple and you need to keep it in mind to attract visitors. Because if you do, it will become a problem. WordPress has started as a blogging platform. According to the CMS, it holds 61.8 percent. markets. However, it does not change your own SEO method. WordPress provides many choices for effective and efficient SEO. The most popular WordPress plugins help with SEO, such as Yoast, but they don’t work on their own. To take advantage of WordPress SEO features, you need to invest not only money but also time.

Solution: Hire search engine optimization professionals who also have experience in website development to integrate SEO technology into your website.

Before we continue, let’s take a brief look at our insights into the reality of building websites with WordPress.

  • WordPress is a simple website development tool only for those who have the necessary skills and experience.
  • It provides opportunities that are best available only with proper instruction and round-the-clock assistance.
  • It’s not free, but if you use WordPress professionally, the investment will pay off quickly.
  • WordPress is secure only as long as you don’t let go of your security.
  • WordPress SEO is a separate task. In order for your WordPress website to be SEO-friendly, you need to invest time, money and human resources.
  • WordPress has a wealth of features, but you still need to hire the right team to get real gold. Otherwise you would have to get your hands dirty.

Business Media – Professional Website Development with WordPress Can Help You.

  • Full personalization
    • Opportunity to expand in the future

By using such a website development company with WordPress and a design company, you will not only avoid the additional stress of hiring an in-house team or interacting with freelancers, which can be challenging. Don’t let WordPress’s expectations overshadow your opinion. Make a stock decision today so you won’t regret it tomorrow.

Creating Websites with WordPress – Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you work with a WordPress website development company?

Hiring a WordPress web development company gives you professionally designed online solutions, a user-centric experience, development-oriented solutions, and much more. When you hire Business Media WordPress Web Development, you get technical support before and after development, as well as help with any issues.

Do you create WordPress themes and plugins yourself?

Yes. We help companies create custom WordPress themes and plugins, as well as websites tailored to their preferences, budget, and business needs.

How can I track the growth or progress of my project?

You will always be aware of the progress of the site as you will receive emails from our team at every step.

Will my WordPress website development services include a special project manager?

By choosing Business Media as your WordPress website development partner, you will be helped by a lot of people from business analysts, WordPress developers, designers, programmers, server administrators, but you will avoid chaos by having to communicate only with the project manager.

On the other hand, a dedicated project manager is optional and can be hired depending on your WordPress development needs. We will be in touch with you and the team at all times. If you encounter difficulties, we will appoint a temporary project manager to resolve the issues at no additional cost.

Does your company provide any assistance or maintenance after completion?

Really so! We provide unparalleled assistance both after and before the project. We work together as real partners and we will always be able to provide assistance and maintenance.

What are the key benefits of working with Business Media Website Development with WordPress?

We are a leading WordPress website development company, so we have a lot of knowledge, years of experience and understanding. Our WordPress design and development experts address issues and problems. By working with one of our specialized experts, you can focus on building your business. We, as a Website Development Company with WordPress, help you save time and avoid any hassle. Business Media teams will act as an extension of your inner team.



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