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Questionnaire for creating an e-shop

After answering the questions below, we will send you a proposal for the work within 24 hours. You will also receive your answers immediately by e-mail. by mail. The questions asked help not only us, but often the customer himself.

Every online store development project is different, so we need to understand exactly what you want, find out all the details, look at the competitors so that you can present you with an offer as accurately as possible. There are many types and ways to create an email. each of them has different pros / cons, features, product quantities and prices. By knowing more about your project specification, goals, and other information, we can provide the best recommendations on how to get the most out of your project goals. We create professional online stores for companies and individuals. From idea to live website. We aim to offer the optimal web solution – to create a professional online store at an affordable price.

Slapukai, kaip ir visose svetainėse yra svarbūs tinkamam svetainės veikimui. Mes naudojame slapukus, kad pagerintume svetainės veikimą ir stebėtume svetainės lankomumą. Norėdami sužinoti daugiau apie slapukų naudojimą, apsilankykite mūsų Slapukų naudojimo taisyklėse.

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