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New for E-commerce development!

3D Products and AR in online stores

Visualise and present your product catalogue in 3D, augmented reality (AR) and virtual photography.

Realistic visual trading - real results

1 x
Increased interest in the product
1 %
Average basket value increases
- 1 %
Reduction in returns

3D and AR capabilities on your websites

We integrate into most websites and e-commerce sites. shops

And another

Watch a representative video of how IKEA furniture company used 3D and AR technology

Make the impossible possible

Customer satisfaction

Captivate shoppers with a much better product review experience that every user will love

Verslas Media strives to make as many modern technologies as possible available to every Lithuanian business. We provide this service to both small and large companies. Achieve higher customer retention times because customers come back for a great all-round experience.

How to get started with 3D and AR product technology

1. Chat

Once you have completed the registration form below, we will contact you to find out your current business challenges and the suitability of the project.

2. Project definition

We will size, sequence and carefully define all elements of the project - from model development requirements to deployment and ongoing optimisation.

3. Creating 3D Models

We will come to your warehouse or you can send us the products we scan. And in the absence of scanning, we'll create the models on the computer.

4. Integration

We'll upload the model, choose the right settings and integrate it into the website. We will ensure that the system is working properly to render the 3D product.

5. Launch and sales growth

After a successful integration, your visitors will already see 3D product images. We can create a representative VIDEO or upload 3D products to social networks.

Ready to boost sales with 3D and AR visuals for your products?

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